From a small and distant world

Welcome to my fibre-filled corner of the Internet. I hope to share with you the projects I’m working on, thoughts about knitting and spinning, and general information that may be of interest! I’ve been inspired to keep a record of my knitting life after spending the past few years (with infrequent breaks to work, socialize, and shower) reading and listening to knitting blogs and podcasts – and being inspired by these talented folks! You can find a list of my projects on Ravelry – Ravelry being right up there among the best things to ever happen to my knitting world.

Starry Socks

Some plain vanilla socks knit up out of Opal Vincent Van Gogh in the Starry Night colourway.

So how about some full disclosure on the status of my works in progress? As much as I strive to be a monogamous knitter with a small stash and a neatly organized set of needles, I… well, I have this:

1. Hanging Leaves shawl by Alana Dakos knit in The Fiber Company Meadow

2. Silken Straw Summer Sweater by Purl Soho, knit in Alchemy: Yarns of Transformation Silken Straw

3. Socks on a Plane by Laura Linneman, knit in Dream in Colour Smoothy with Cashemere

4. Hitchhiker by Martina Behm, knit in Dragonfly Fibers Dragon Sock

5. Fred & George Socks by Rachel Coopey, knit in Julie Asselin Piccolo

6. Open Air Wrap by Purl Soho, knit in Habu Textiles Silk Wrapped Paper N-94

And that’s only the stuff that I am actively working on. We won’t even talk about the secret stash of abandoned projects, or the pile of yarn that is patiently waiting to be turned into the Next Big Thing, i.e. any one of my favourited patterns on Ravelry.


So much yarn… what’s going on??

This summer, however. This is when it will all change (right?) I am a huge Knit Girllls groupie and this will be my first time participating in their summer Stash Dash. This is a virtual KAL (knitalong) with the goal of using up 5000 m (yes, 5 km) of stash yarn between May 23 and August 8. The whole thing plays out in their Ravelry group. This is a pretty intense challenge but I’m going to try to keep up, and hopefully tame the stash. So I can buy more yarn. Here’s my first project to count towards Stash Dash: Mr. Fox Stole my Heart by Tiny Owl Knits (love. her.)

photo 2 (8)

Here he is posing with his pal, Stego. This is only 230 m out of Berocco Vintage Chunky and Cascade 128 but he was a super quick knit and very satisfying!

photo 1 (8)

I added an I-cord loop to the back of his head, which his tail can loop through to hold it in place. Tiny Owl Knits says that the stole should stay in place on its own, but this went to an almost-10-year-old, and I figured some extra security would be wise.

The latest thing I cast on was a total impulse (most of my projects are, let’s be real), and it’s the Open Air Wrap by Purl Soho. I even went so far as to purchase the exact same yarn that was used in the pattern. It’s this very space age, very trippy, very fun to touch linen “paper” wrapped in a silk thread, by Habu Textiles (it’s called Silk Wrapped Paper N-94). Here’s a swatch:

photo 1 (8)

It’s kind of crunchy to knit with (which I think is fun) but it did soften up a little after I washed it.

photo 2 (8)

Miles and miles of yo and p2tog get the job done. At least it has this brand new, super boss project bag from Mr. Yarn! (PS. check out their “blog” tab.. funniest April Fool’s post ever). This was a gift from the manfriend, and I can’t stop smiling when I look at it! Lil thug:

photo 3 (7)

Knitters gonna knit, yo. I could go on, but I should probably save some of my Grade A material for next time. Time to publish the first post! It feels like I am one of the time capsules on Voyager I and II. You know, the Golden Record that Jimmy Carter and Friends sent out into the void, in hopes of communicating with intelligent life beyond our planet and telling them a little of who we are. It is a collection of photographs, music, language, and general sounds from 1970s Earth. Maybe this blog is just a hair less ambitious than that.

You too can experience the Golden Record here.

“This is a present from a small, distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts and our feelings. We are attempting to survive our time so we may live into yours.” – Jimmy Carter on the Voyager Golden Record


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