And what, pray tell, are you?

I’ve been catching up with Vancouver friends for the past couple months since I’ve been home. And also Vancouver acquaintances. Like the older parent-and-grandparent set that I encounter solely at church and don’t really know that well, but who know quite a bit about me. The same conversation goes down each time.

Them: So… what have you been doing this summer? Working? Summer school?

Me: Nope, just hangin out.

Them: Oh. So are you volunteering somewhere?

Me: Mmmnope. Literally just hangin out.

Them: So… what do you DO?

Me: Nothing. I literally just sit at home and knit and run.

*uncomfortable silence*

It’s true, you guys. This summer, I have no gainful employment or fulfilling volunteer work that gives back to my community. I am having the most selfish summer I’ve ever had. I’ve gone camping, hiking, lunching, and visiting family for a few weeks “out east” (in which east is anything east of Manitoba). But most of all, I’ve been knitting and spinning. Because you know… that is what I enjoy doing. 

Heavily filtered view of Lawrence Beach, Nova Scotia

Heavily filtered view of Lawrence Beach, Nova Scotia

I’ve felt guilty about being really and truly funemployed this summer whenever I try to explain this situation to people who are not close friends. And I’ve even rationalized to them that with all the travel my family had planned this summer, it would actually be impossible to find a job that would accommodate that schedule. But we all know that if I really wanted to work, I would find a way. 

But then I stopped feeling guilty because I actually planned to have this genre of lazy summer. I called it my mental health summer, joking not joking. Last summer was a bonafide train wreck of work and school and stress and melt downs. This was followed by a year of mind-bending science courses at a new school with a pretty sizeable commute. This plus other non-school stresses made me a pretty sad mess. I’m not trying to garner pity here, y’all. But I vowed to take a breather before transitioning to Boston this September, and another new school, and making a new home after 6 years in Montreal. Realign the chakras and whatnot.

It’s much easier to just be aloof about my chill summer when explaining it to casual acquaintances rather than taking them on a journey through my own mind. But it’s funny how much people judge each other based on what they do for a living. Just gotta brush it off, yo, and know that it’s totally worth it to spend quality time with my family and friends (human and otherwise). 

Mad respect cuz I hung out with pigs this summer

They refused to play fetch, you know.

So I guess this is a knitting blog. I’ll show you what I’ve been up to with minimal chatter. The blog has been neglected lately, probably due to great summer weather and a desire to remain a pole’s length away from the computer at all times. So get ready for this:


This beautiful braid of BFL/silk from Inglenook Fibers (in the Gandalf colourway no less) became a fulled single-ply yarn. Which was promptly knitted into a TGV shawlette. This is the first project I’ve knitted in my own handspun and let me tell you… it’s magical. It made the knitting so much more enjoyable, just feeling the yarn and seeing what stripey colours emerged.


So that’s what came out of the Gandalf yarn. This is pre-blocking (I’m the worst, I know) so it will probably grow a bit and be less lumpy towards the top once I’m done with it. 

This Open Air Wrap also happened. I washed and blocked it, and I do admit that it looks very chic on the hanger. But in real life, it’s stiff and kind of unpleasant to wear. So. If you have any suggestions or would like to take it off my hands… let me know. 


This scarf/wrap/shawl/beast made me think of the White Witch in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie (the 1988 version, please) where she encounters Edmund and asks him in this withering tone, “And what, pray tell, are you?” This is what I ask of this knitted garment.


Also completed is this Silken Straw Summer Sweater. The actual shirt had been finished for months, but cast aside after multiple failed attempts at the i-cord border. Eventually, one of the many Youtube tutorials clicked (ha), and I was on my way. This is one of those things that is really transformed by blocking. It went from this weird scraggly lump to a soft and drapey shirt! And it really is perfect for summer.


I like my filters, ok.

The most recent finished object is this Flax sweater. I’m not going to go into how or why this happened but I cast on and cast off within 7 days. Just… don’t think about it too much.


 There’s quite a bit of spinning going on lately (and a story I can’t wait to tell you) and a new project on the needles (Astrid). But I’ll leave that for next time. 


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