Hi guys, whaaat’s happening.

Yeeeahh… I’m gonna need to you to ignore my lack of posts lately… mmhm yeahh… so if you could just go ahead and do that, that would be great.


Look for new posts every Friday, right here on this very blog. That’s my 2015 resolution, guys. Because I have been knitting. So much knitting. Buried in UFOs and random skeins and tangled in my new swift.

Check it out! No more winding balls of yarn by hand for an hour with a contraption of chairs, kettle bells, or other people’s limbs as my skein holders. The best part is the whole thing collapses into a slim little case that I can easily put in my suitcase. Here it is over Christmas break, winding another skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock for my pi shawl. Now that I’m back in Boston, I’ve been putting it to good use with my ball winder and whipping out yarn cakes like it ain’t a thang.


See that crumpled mess on the table? This pi shawl is my first Elizabeth Zimmermann (EZ) project. This has been said before but it doesn’t hurt to repeat that the woman is a genius. Not just in terms of pattern brilliance, but the Knitter’s Almanac (where the shawl pattern exists) is also storytelling brilliance and humour brilliance. Check out the link above for the 2000+ pi shawls that other Ravelers have made. At this point, I’m working on the border, and it’s not as bad as I was expecting. True, there are ~600 stitches per row so the border is time consuming but I’m just looking forward to the massive finished product. Can’t wait to have this behemoth off the needles and blocked to its full potential.


The shawl even came on the family ski trip, though I admit there wasn’t as much knitting potential during the two 6-hour drives as I would have liked. 3 adults in the back seat of a car apparently means elbows are in lockdown. But the trip itself was out of control in all the right ways:


Dat pow. This is a -20˚C morning on Silver Star mountain.

Back in Boston now and another project has leapt onto the needles: Ease by Alicia Plummer, which I am knitting in the “old” Dream in Colour Classy base. The colourway is Deep Regret, charming as usual. I should have about 1250 yards total, so that should be enough to do the cool funnel collar. I love the look of this sweater! And the yarn is so satisfying to work with… it’s round and sproingy and a beautiful colour. I also noticed that unlike similar yarns out there, there’s no undyed white “core” in Classy, at least not this batch I have. Anyone know if this is a good sign? It seems like a good thing to me. Or maybe this is just a result of the way it’s dyed and has no effect on the yarn’s quality. Here’s a questionable-quality photo of the sweater in progress, all bunched up due to too-short circular needles.


Can you see that knitting takes priority over biochem reading? For anyone considering this pattern, so far it’s been very simple to follow. It’s a top-down raglan, so everything is knit seamlessly, then the optional funnel neck knit after by picking up and knitting the neckline stitches.

Lastly, a wee taste of what I’ve been spinning lately! This is my first Spunky Eclectic fibre club shipment from October; it’s polwarth dyed in a sushi coloured theme (amazing). Yo I have never spun polwarth before in my young spinning life, but it’s so easy to spin and surprisingly soft. I’m attempting to fractal spin this (we will see if it works) and make a chunky hat with a pom-pom! That seems like a good antidote to the depths of winter.


On the other hand, winter today was not bad. 



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