Pure Laine


Well, it’s back to the grind here in Boss-town. I’ve successfully removed my brain and shaken out any knowledge that had managed to stick around since last semester. Then I wiped out my cranium, reinserted my tender, newly emptied brain, and am ready to roll for ROUND TWO – FIGHT! of nutrition learning.

This past weekend (MLK long weekend here in the States) I was able to sneak away to Montreal for one last hurrah of the Christmas break. Jason drove the 600 mile round trip. I knit and curated playlists and cogné des clous.

Heading back to my once-home of 6 years includes: a) hitting all our favourite food spots, b) meeting up with the best knitting friends, c) visiting all 3 favourite yarn shops, or d) being outdoorsy on the mountain? Trick question, yo. All of the above! Although, visiting 3 yarn shops in 3 days was kind of extreme even to me – but not exactly unwelcome. One of these was La Maison Tricotée, traditional knitting-and-tea-meet-up location for some of my favourite people. If you’re reading this, you know who you are! I don’t think there’s anything more wonderful or indulgent than reconnecting with friends over tea in fancy teapots and knitting on beautiful projects. Meanwhile, completely insulated from the -20˚C weather outside, thanks to the shelves and baskets of yarn surrounding us.

These are also ideal conditions for expanding the stash. Not that I have room for more stuff to come home with me. But hey. There’s been a lot of knitting going on with dental floss and toothpicks (e.g. monstrous fingering weight pi shawl, a pair of socks I’m not really feeling at the moment) and a big ol’ skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sookie called out to me at Maison. It’s the colour of snow on a bright day (that hint of blue in the right lighting) and looks and feels like a cumulus cloud come down to Earth. It’s a mega-bulky single-ply that demands 10 mm needles or above. It was really one of those moments where you realize that your whole life you had been searching for something… and then here it was in your hands. I cast on the same day I bought it.

photo 1 (28)

No need for a pattern when all I wanted was something outrageously voluminous to wrap around my neck. I jotted down the general recipe on my project page.

photo 1 (29)

And it works doubled-up, too! Seems like a miracle for a 130-yard skein.

photo 2 (26)

Now that that bulky affair is out of my system, it’s back to the usual suspects. Currently, I am working on my Ease pullover, which at this point, is just starting the hip increases. I put it on a longer pair of circular needles so I could un-bunch the thing and see how it’s doing. Prognosis: questionable.photo 3 (23)

Should it be looking like this?? This is a size small, I got gauge, and it’s supposed to have a few inches of ease built in. The body is less fitted than I was expecting, which is fine, but you guys… the shoulders and arms look like they’re going to the Super Bowl. They’re massive! I could fit both my arms into one armhole. Now, I personally believe that my arms are twigs relative to the rest of me, but would this arm size even make sense for anyone? I guess at this point all I can do is start knitting the arms and see what happens. Hopefully this is just some terrible optical illusion based on the fact that the arm stitches are currently on hold and the neckline is not finished. Otherwise, I’ll try decreasing down to an arm circumference more appropriate to my ET-like body:arm ratio. Or maybe just work on my guns.


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