EZ as Pi

Hehehe get it? EZ… as… Pi?

Elizabeth Zimmerman’s pi shawl is complete! And it really was easy. The hardest thing was blocking it: trying to make my blocking mats cover a big enough surface area and trying to pin the whole thing out in a relatively circular shape, all in my wee studio. And trying not to irritate Jason too much as he worked on his Stats homework.

photo 1 (31)

Before washing the shawl, I thought that my large(ish) collection of blocking mats would be more than enough. But after taking it out of its bath, it was like wrangling a python or something comparatively large and unwieldy. IT GREW. It grew like a just-add-water sponge toy. Which was such a happy surprise because I thought the shawl looked kind of small when it came off the needles. So I got creative and supplemented my blocking mats with towels.

One problem I had (being new to blocking round things) was how to pin the shawl out without getting a bunch of points on the edges. I ended up pinning the shawl right at the inside edge of the border (you can see how it scallops there) which let the real edge remain smooth. It’s not too noticeable now that it’s dry, but I wonder if this is the best method. Do you have any tips for blocking circular pieces?

photo 2 (28)

I’m also really happy with this dark, moody shade of purple that is Grand Street Ink, a colourway chosen by Brooklyn Tweed for Lorna’s Laces.

photo 3 (25)

Here’s an incredibly Nessie-quality photo of how I have been wearing it:

photo 4 (12)

The shawl was a lot of knitting (clearly) but a lot of really fun knitting. I highly recommend it! This only took 2.5 skeins of Shepherd Sock so if I can get my math right next time (yes there will be a next time) I could make an even bigger one. But not too big; as EZ said, we’re not trying to knit a football field.

To borrow a phrase from Claire of NH Knits (I love her podcast), a few things have decided that they want to come live with me this week. First up is this Aurora Self-Striping Kit in the Lariat colourway, by Tumbleweed Yarn. Any Canadians or hockey fans might recognize these colours 🙂

photo 1 (32)

I bought this yarn to knit a pair of Canucks socks for Jason! Note the contrasting mini skein to knit the toes and heels. I am so excited to cast on for a toe-up sock with afterthought heel, which is a style I have only tried once before but it will work best with the stripes. Laura of The Knit Girllls is coming out with a pattern for afterthought heel socks with short rows, so I’m just waiting for that to drop. The only other pair of afterthought heel socks I have knit ended up being really tight in the gusset, so I’m going to try to use the short row heel to add some more room in that area.

Lastly… I’ve been eyeing the Fat Squirrel bags that other knitters (of the Interwebs) have been showing off and fallen in love with Amy Beth’s fabric choices and bag styles. I actually have been in need of a big sweater project bag for a while (oversized Ziploc is just too gauche, no?) and so I finally decided to get my hands on one. Easier said than done, as Fat Squirrel bags seem to sell out the moment there’s a shop update. If I was going to get one of these bags, I’d have to be quick! I set a calendar reminder on my phone for her next update, stalked the website 10 min ahead of time, refreshed the page again and again… and nabbed one the moment they were posted! I’M CRAZY.

photo 2 (29)

It arrived today! All the way from Indiana. The first thing I noticed was that it smelled amazing. Amy Beth includes a little lavender sachet in each bag. The bag itself is actually massive and clearly very sturdy. It will be the perfect vessel to take care of my sweater projects.

That’s all for tonight, dear knitters. Have a happy weekend and I’ll be back for a new post on Friday the 13th! 

PS. For my readers (I know there’s a few of you out there) thank you so much for checking out my blog! It would make me so happy if you leave a comment and let me know a bit about you, any comments you have, or even if you have a blog, too. I’d love to know who is out there!


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