Rebound Knitting

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!

Just a quick post from me today, but heavy on the pictures. We had another two snow days this week, which is starting to get a little old. Not that I don’t love snow days – I actually do. On snow days, it’s pretty much expected to hide under the blankets, knit, and drink tea all day, which is a perfect day in my books. But come on, Boston! It’s like the city has just had enough, that’s it, everything is cancelled. No one go anywhere, because the T has become a giant Ötzi and you won’t be able to find your car until July.

photo (15)

But onto the fibre!

My Ease pullover is still in time out. I’ve decided that there’s no point in continuing with the sleeves since I know in my knitter’s heart that it is too big and I won’t wear it. It must be frogged! But I can’t bring myself to do it yet. For now, I am easing the pain with a new project, Strokkur by Ysolda Teague, which is happily living in my new Fat Squirrel bag! I’m using Quince and Co. Osprey, which is an aran-weight yarn.


At this point, I have reached the end of the waist decreases and am soon moving onto the increase section. My stitch gauge is great but my row gauge is seriously off. So off that if I knit the sweater as written, it would probably reach my knees. To avoid this, I’m doing a little mathemagic. (PS. About that bag, can I just say again how awesome it is – it is currently holding 6 cakes of yarn, my project on the needles, plus notions).


Smaug is making sure this sweater doesn’t get up to any funny business. Maybe I should have used him for Ease… I love this stitch marker – it’s actually part of a set of Hobbit themed stitch markers (including a little Arkenstone!) from Inglenook Fibers.

Now for a journey in pictures. Today I finished spinning and plying some amazing Polwarth that was from Spunky Eclectic‘s October 2014 fibre club. The colourway is called Hungry as it was inspired by sushi! I love it. This was both my first time spinning Polwarth and attempting to fractal spin. I didn’t get fancy about it – just split the fibre in half lengthwise and then took the first half, and split it a bunch more times. I spun those skinny guys end to end, and then spun the other half as one large continuation of colour. Let me know if that didn’t make sense and I will try to explain better! Here we go:









This skein is still dripping away in my shower, so next week I will show you what it looks like in its final form 🙂 I got 234 yards pre-bath so I will be interested to see if the yardage changes post-bath. So far, I’m really jazzed with this spin. I’m still a spinning newbie, but I would say this is my best spin so far! Pretty consistent and pretty good yardage!

Next up, from my moderate-yet-growing fibre stash, is this insane merino braid from Sweet Georgia in the Midnight Garden colourway. I’m guessing it will be more challenging as merino has a fairly short staple length but those colours… that name… mmm I just want to dive right in!


For my Hungry skein, if you have suggestions for what to do with ~200 yards of a (maybe worsted weight? Haven’t done WPI yet) fractal-spun yarn, I’d love to hear them. So far, I’m thinking some kind of hat, maybe with cables if they show up well in this handspun? Decisions, decisions.

Tomorrow is February 14th so I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you love the day or not so much, I do hope you get to spend it with some truly special fibre ❤

Ricardio_and_pb 2 copy


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