Places Where You Can Knit

Guys. Guys guys guys. Look at this cool thing I made omg 

Deeeep breath. Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a fantastic week. As you can tell, I’m super pumped to share with you my finished handspun (remember the one I posted last week?) It’s Sweet Georgia 100% merino fibre in the colourway “Midnight Garden”. This was a nighttime photo, so not the best, but….


It was a wonderful spin. It’s merino, so the staple length is a little short than what I’m used to. (She says, even though she’s only ever spun a few skeins ever!) Anyhow, I ended up using the tiniest whorl, which I believe means I was spinning at a large ratio, right? Big wheel spins one time, whorl and bobbin spin many times. Spinning people, help me out here.

photo 1 (31)

These colours… they are EYE POPPING. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t stop spinning this week (and..uh..didn’t really knit anything to speak of). I ended up doing a 2-ply yarn from a centre-pull ball, figuring that the colours would barber pole and be all jumbly and fun. Not so! By some stroke of crazy coincidence, or more like… I could have easily figured this out… the colours aligned almost perfectly to create nice long progressions from colour to colour. It’s not a gradient because the colours repeat, but it’s more like long bands of colour.

photo 4 (12)

454 yards, fingering weight. Say what?? Double my previous best yardage from a 100g skein. I must shout it from the mountain tops.

photo 5 (5)

How cool, right? It’s enough to do one fairly large shawl or other neckthing. I’m thinking this. It has a cool textured pattern that I am guessing wouldn’t be outcompeted by the crazy colour changes of my yarn. What do you think? Any suggestions for patterns?

In other news, I tidied up my knitting space yesterday and wanted to show you guys where the dirty work gets done around here! I recently discovered this hashtag on Instagram #placeswhereyoucanknit. And it’s literally just photos of people and their knitting in various locations. I actually love seeing where people knit, both outside and – especially – the little knit nests they have created for themselves at home. This could be the most boring post of all time to some people (nonknitters, to be sure!) but if you’re like me, it could be of interest! So here’s my usual habitat.

Peeking out from my bed/reading nook. Note single cushion for lumbar support.


The Sidekick lives here, and then when I want to spin, I just pop it in front of the couch. In this photo, I just plied my most recent handspun so in a rare scene, it is bare-bobbined. Then there are two shelves of yarn stash, specifically the stuff that is still in full skeins. (Spot the sea turtle). The black basket holds my DPNs, circulars, interchangeable needle set, and notions.


Random half-used balls of yarn live in these two baskets on the shelf, and the bottom drawer has spinning fibre. That bigger basket off to the side has my WIPs. I may have discovered previously forgotten projects as I cleaned up. There may or may not be 8 projects in there. (Strokkur sweater has full priority sitting in its Fat Squirrel bag on high).


Jarz of straight needles and my very small spindle collection. A tableau with a possibly dying money tree.


That green spindle actually has a cool story which I will abbreviate: Something like 10 years ago, I went to a learn-to-drop-spindle workshop at the Fisheries Museum in Lunenburg, NS. Totally coincidental – a very friendly lady dressed in pioneer garb was giving lessons and I happened to be at the museum that day. Although I had never been interested in spinning, I got really into it and bought a kit that included this spindle made by her husband. Fast forward to this past summer. I had newly acquired a spinning wheel and wanted to learn how to use it. My grandmother in NS said there was a local master spinner who offered lessons and I should bring my wheel. So I did! We joked about how funny it would be if this was the same lady who did the drop spindling workshop. GUYS of course it was the same wonderful lady, and she gave me a most amazing private spinning lesson in her home. She freaked out a little when I told her how she had inspired me to learn to spin so many years before. Anyhow, totally tangential, but that green spindle has many memories!

Now, lastly, don’t let me fool you into thinking that my fibre collection is so seemingly small and organized. There’s fibre in my closet and chest of drawers, and some other baskets here and there. This one by my desk is apparently an advertisement for Spunky Eclectic but that’s pretty much where I’m getting my fibre these days.


Tomorrow I will be going to the Farm Fiber Days in Wayland, MA hosted by Russell’s Garden Center. They have a weekly farmers’ market, but on this particular day, they are also hosting fibre vendors! I’m hoping there will be lots of rustic yarns and sheepy roving/fleeces, and maybe even live sheep?? Who knows, but I’m super excited as this is my first fibre event. I’m also excited to meet up with a fellow NH Knits listener and Ravelry friend who also lives in Mass. So I might just have to do an update on the event before next Friday 🙂

I leave you with these puzzling words from my afternoon tea time:




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