Mail Day

The beautiful and dangerous thing about this country is the free shipping. It’s everywhere! Some online shops have free shipping on all orders (love you Mr. Yarn), others you have to spend x dollars to get it, but it’s usually not a huge amount. And if you are paying for shipping, it’s probably not too prohibitive – maybe $3.00. This is not so much a thing in the motherland (Canada). I looked into ordering a beeswax candle online one time from Ontario and the price of shipping was almost as much as the $20 candle.

The other thing is that things arrive so darn quickly. Hellooooo free 2-day shipping from Amazon!

Today I’m mostly going to flood you with some things that happened this week, materialistically speaking. I have a feeling that if I add too much WIP-talk, this post is going to get way too long. So I’m considering adding another weekly post – does that make this blog biweekly? Wait. I just googled it. It’s semi-weekly. (Is that what bihebdomadairement means en français? If hebdo = weekly… and yet biweekly ≠ twice a week…I don’t know people, it’s not an issue). All this to say, I will contemplate which are the best 2 days a week to post posts!

Also, I appreciate that some people might not be interested in just seeing photos of yarn and bags, rather than actual knitting. On the other hand, I know that I personally like seeing what goodies other knitters have purchased, because I might be interested in those things too. So in the spirit of sharing (not boasting!), here we go:



Yes, it’s true, I ordered this 2 weeks and 3 days ago, and picked it up from the post office today. My first sip of the Germanic Kool-Aid. I chose 3 skeins of DK in the colourway “Unbeschreiblich” which means “unexpected” and 1 skein of Twin in the colourway “Zarte Knospe” which I think means “tender shoot”…?


I am so excited to get swatching and knitting away with these guys! The first thing I noticed was the skeins are mega-heavy and wound so compactly. I swear I could knock someone out with that skein of sock yarn alone.

Unbeschreiblich is destined to become either a Grandpa Cardigan or a Lucky (me). I am not yet decided, and am still open to other suggestions of cozy cabled cardigans that take 1500 yards of DK or fewer. Let me know what you think!

I think the Zarte Knospe would be cool as some Ivy Trellis mitts.

PS the bag has all these German-English knitting translations! Seems like it would be easy to follow a German pattern if you just have this paper bag.


2. Shetland roving

A whopping 2 lb of incredibly priced Shetland roving from Paradise Fibers showed up this week. I have a dream of spinning this into a 3-ply worsted weight to knit either a sweater or the ever-dreamy Loro Vest.


This is a natural Shetland colour (i.e. undyed) which is called “fawn”. I was expecting it to be a bit scratchy, since Shetland is one of those ancient, rustic breeds – not so much that superwash merino yarn which is what every yarn company seems to be using. But lo, it is actually surprisingly cuddly soft! I think it will be perfect as a sweater.

3. Fat Squirrel Bag

Another!! I could’t help myself. I stalked another Fat Squirrel update because… loooook – Little Red Riding Hood theme with tiny mushrooms in a sock project size, with wood grain lining?? Thank you Amy Beth!


If you haven’t watched AB’s knitting/spinning podcast, The Fat Squirrel Speaks, I highly highly recommend it! She has such an amazing energy and is downright hilarious. You can also get the inside scoop on her shop updates there.

4. Farm Fiber Days

So, I didn’t end up posting a big update about Farm Fiber Days in Wayland, MA because I put a little update in this NH Knits discussion thread on Ravelry, and, well, that kind of exhausted me. I will say that it was AMAZING, and not only full of fabulous local fibre, but also full of fabulous local food! I will certainly return next year.

The goodies:

photo 5 (6)

Roving (in the bags up top):

  • This was ~5 oz of bulk llama fibre from River Valley Farm Wools & Wovens in Pittsfield, MA.

Yarn (left to right):

  • 3 skeins of 100% alpaca sport weight from Hamden Hills Alpacas
  • 2 skeins (the white one and the grey one) of 100% merino DK weight from Greenwood Hill Farm
  • 1 skein of 65% mohair/35% cormo from Moonshine Design at Keldaby Farm

Deliciousness abounds!

Here’s a peek at the Canucks socks for Jason that I’ve been working on, out of some Tumbleweed Yarn in the Lariat colourway.


Toe-up, 2.25 mm, using exactly half of each skein to make them as long as possible. That red stripe of yarn in my placeholder for the afterthought heel.


Can I just say…I have now gone through four different sets of needles to make these socks, and I had to buy new ones every time. #1: DPNs. I bought metal ones because I have wooden DPNS but always break them. These were okay, but very frustrating for knitting the toe, which is only on 2 needles, and they were creating some ladders in the rest of the sock. #2: 32″ circulars. I usually don’t like magic loop but gave it a go for these socks, and actually thought it was an improvement! The cable seemed too short, though. #3: 40″ circulars. The sizing on Amazon was listed weirdly and they came in the wrong size (2.5 mm). #4: 40″ circulars in the correct size. Holy moly people. I can take no more! 


I try to stay positive here, but I feel like knitters can relate to this kind of frustration..?

We went to a Bruins-Canucks game on Tuesday night, and I really wanted to take my Canucks socks. In the end, I didn’t, because you can’t bring bags in (and presumably not sharp sticks either), and I really didn’t want to risk them confiscating my knitting! Knitters, man. They’re an unpredictable folk.


We won, though 🙂 GO NUCKS.

See you people in a few days!


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