Greetings, all!

March Madness 2015 Personal Finish-All-the-Things KAL (it gets a different, apparently longer name each time) is a success! My original goal was to finish three loitering WIPs, and indeed those things were whipped into completion. To recap:

1. Canucks socks for Jason

2. Twigs and Willows mitts

3. Strokkur sweater

What’s that you say…? Strokkur sweater is complete? Yes!! It is. This is the second pullover I have ever knit, and definitely my favourite. I humbly present these unblocked photos.

photo 4 (20)

This is a pattern by Ysolda Teague, and the yarn is Osprey from Quince and Co. Loved them both! The pattern is very clear and easy to follow with some brilliant little details that I, as an inexperienced sweater knitter, really enjoyed learning. My row gauge was quite off so I made some adjustments (i.e. taking out rows between increases/decreases and removing some rows of the colourwork section).

photo 5 (11)

After blocking, everything has evened out very nicely. However, the sleeves grew about 3 inches! My plan is to cut off the end of each sleeve and re-knit them in the other direction. Instead of doing the garter cuff, I will do 2×2 ribbing. Even if the sleeves hadn’t stretched out so much in the blocking, I would not have been very happy with the cuffs. I think ribbing will look more polished.

Overall, though: A++ to this pattern and project!

So that’s three projects cleared off the needles. Now what? I am still working on my Herbivore shawl, and I may have picked up an ancient sock WIP. I had abandoned it a long time ago because I switched to a different brand of needles half way (due to my original set breaking) but this caused crazy gauge changes. It even caused the yarn to pool instead of doing the nice striping that it had goin’ on before.

On the wheel: 5 oz of a merino/silk blend from Inglenook Fibres. This is for the IF Ravelry group’s Spring-Along. We are spinning and knitting with IF fibres until May 1st.

photo 1 (42)

Macrina has a magical eye for colour and texture. Exhibit A above, exhibit B below:


Any suggestions for what to make with the finished project? It is working up to be a fingering weight 2-ply or (heavier weight?) 3-ply. Let me know!

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