Spin spin spin, both ways

Happy Easter, all!

This has been a busy weekend, mostly in non-fibre ways, although a good amount of spinning got done. Not much knitting to speak of. I’ve been spinning up my 5 oz of Inglenook Fibers merino/mulberry silk blend and have finished half of it. I am only doing 2.5 oz at a time because my bobbin cannot handle much more than that.

photo (17)

Can you see the little flecks of silk and the eye-popping shades of purple and blue? I plied it into a 2-ply for double the fun. Haven’t found WPI yet, but I think it’s a fingering weight, and is about 400 yards.

photo 1 (43)

Pre-bath pile of goodness.

photo 2 (41)Post-bath skein of wonders.

photo (18)

This is my project for the Inglenook Fibers Spring-Along in which we spin and/or knit Inglenook fibres/handspun and ring in spring. If you haven’t checked out the IF boards on Ravelry… you must go… people post the most amazing photos of their yarns and FOs.

I am thinking that this handspun is destined to become an Inner Peace shawl by Joji Locatelli. Picture it.


I’ve also been busy spinning in other ways. Bike ways. It is true that I used to cycle quite a bit with the McGill team back in The Day, but really not at all since then. I have been reinspired to get back in the game. I even signed up for a road race in May. Last week I jumped in feet-first and did 163 km over 4 rides, thanks to the motivation of Jason (who is an avid bike nut) and a very sporty friend visiting Boston. It feels awesome!! Although, not everywhere… ja feel?

Now: who knows how to hook up a bike trainer to a spinning wheel?

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