Month: September 2015

Welcome Fall

I am so excited for fall. Enough of this hot and sticky summer business, I’m ready for everything autumnal:

  • Colourful New England leaf-scapes
  • Crunchy brown leaves underfoot
  • Tea 24/7
  • Jacket weather
  • Hat weather
  • Mitten weather
  • In which jackets, hats, and mitts are cozy accessories, not a matter of life or death (I see you, winter)

Here’s what I’m doing to prepare for my favourite season…


Who’s that? Why, Viajante!

One of the first patterns I ever “favourited” on Ravelry, much admired since then but never attempted in earnest. I started it in early August out of Miss Babs Katahdin in the colourway “So Much To Do”. This is a 1750-yard skein and I do plan to use the whole thing.

So far, Viajante is a relaxing, pleasant knit! I don’t even mind that it’s an irrational number of stitches in a light fingering weight. I also got these whimsical jingly stitch markers from The Vintage Rose that sing to me as I knit.


I’m only halfway through, but V and I have been through a lot together already. In August, I traveled through Vietnam and nearly lost her a couple of times going through security. See my project page for more details… But be it resolved that I might not try to take knitting through security in Asia again, unless I’m totally okay with losing my needles (but.. I’m not..)


All from one skein

I’ve also started my first purely Brooklyn Tweed project: Jaffrey by Michele Wang, knit from Brooklyn Tweed Loft in the “Old World” colourway. Now, look at this insanity. Bavarian cables up the wazoo. This is the pattern photo, FYI:

Jaffrey_3_medium2 2

Look at this madness! It’s very slow going with all the cables, but I’ve got lots of time to finish it. I’m planning to give it to my ma for her birthday in November.


I’m not completely sold on Loft yet, though. I know, I know. I’ve been drooling over the yarn for ages, constantly checking out all the different heathered hues online. Finally, I broke down and asked (or, demanded?) that Jason pick some up at Purl Soho when he was in NYC last May. It really is lovely in person. But the rumours are true – it breaks very easily because of its woolen spun Loft-iness. According to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee AKA Yarn Harlot, it’s spun that way because Columbia wool (part of BT’s fibre recipe) is naturally a scratchier wool. They need to spin it very loosely to keep it soft, but this does sacrifice strength. So, it’s a little harrowing knitting these tight little cables but I’m loving the results.

Ah, yes, I casually mentioned some firsthand knowledge from the Yarn Harlot. Guys… my dreams came true last weekend. As you may know, I am a religious reader of her blog and a big fan in general. Her sock recipe from Knitting Rules made me a sock knitter. When I found out Stephanie was visiting Boston to teach classes, I signed up right away! I managed to squeeze into her Knit Smart workshop last Sunday, where she dropped various knowledge bombs to help us knit… well, smarter. And she did it with humour, too. I’m sad that I couldn’t get into her Knitting for Speed class – but I hear she’ll be back next year 🙂

Here we all are at Stitch House Dorchester (a lovely LYS by the way if you are around Boston). PS special shout out to the other Grace I met there, if you happen to read this!


I had a total fan girl moment when Stephanie complimented my knit shirt and signed my copy of At Knit’s End.

If you need me, I still haven’t come down from cloud 9, so just look up.