Secret Knitting

Well hi there!

I thought I would break my radio silence to tell you about what’s been on my needles lately. (Which is quite a bit in the past couple days now that I’m on summer break – wooohooo!)

First up is Beyond the Pines by Audry Nicklin, which I knit as a Mother’s Day gift for my ma. The dark piney-green colour is Miss Babs Katahdin in “So Much to Do”, which was leftover from my Viajante* and the contrast colour is Spincyle Yarns Dyed in the Wool in “July July!) The Spincycle yarn is precious to me because I purchased it at Never Not Knitting in March, when Jason and I did a cross-California road trip. I’ve been a long-time listener of the Never Not Knitting podcast so it was special to make a trip to Alana’s little shop.


If I were to knit this shawl again, I would make it even bigger. In this case, I was limited by the amount of Miss Babs yarn I had, which was leftover from a big skein and I used up all of it! I might also go up a needle size as I felt that the slipped stitches were a bit tight, although they did seem to relax after blocking.


Currently on the needles are a pair of socks for Jason’s 4th anniversary present. You may know that I knit him a pair of socks for pretty much every major gift-giving event. I can’t show you a picture just yet as he does read this blog from time to time (hi, Jason!) but rest assured that they might be my craziest colour combination yet.

There’s so much more secret gift knitting/crafting going on that I also can’t post pictures of yet or really talk about… but I’m so excited to share about them once they’re gifted!

*The last time I blogged, my Viajante was still crumpled onto my needles. Here’s a finished pic from my Ravelry project page!




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